Frederick Daily Meals International Menu Catering with healthy, vegetarian and hearty meals

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  • Ready-to-eat meal service

  • Mix-and-match entrees and sides

  • Rotating menu of American and international cuisines

  • Healthy, vegetarian, and hearty meal options

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Pork Tenderloin with roasted potatoes and green beans

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Serving Frederick a variety of wholesome, quality foods, so mealtime is hassle-free and joyful!

Frederick Daily Meals is food for food lovers. We serve ready-to-eat meals for pickup and delivery in Frederick, MD. Taste matters – we offer a rotating menu of American classics as well as international dishes so you can savor the world at home!  

Each meal comes with your choice of entrée and two sides. Our kitchen cooks up healthy, vegetarian options as well as hearty meals too. Mix-and-match entrees and sides to match your taste and diet. 

Frederick Daily Meals carryout and delivery kitchen is coming in 2023.

Hungry for Something Better

It was summer 2020 when siblings, Nicolle and Bryan, were chatting outside their mother’s house (socially distanced). They discussed the growth and value of food delivery apps at the start of the COVID pandemic. While convenient, they were hungry for something better.  

They imagined a food service that offered fresh, healthy options that fit into their busy schedules. They convinced their mom to revisit their restaurant idea from the year prior but this time focused on high-quality, wholesome food available on demand. Their team is thrilled to share Frederick Daily Meals with you!  

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Our Values



Serve meals just for YOU

Offer food that makes you happy

Make it easy to eat wholesome, quality meals



Bring people together through food

Advocate for a healthier community

Give team members an opportunity to learn and grow with the organization


Continuous Improvement

Get better everyday

Deliver quality meals via an organized, efficient kitchen

Empower team members


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